Who Will Save You Now?

” NOBODY, but NOBODY, out there, is doing stuff like Les Friction is doing. Nobody dares!”
- Brian May, Queen.


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  1. MES says:

    This is an amazing!!! Your music sounds like not from this earth!!
    Please!! Keep it up! Looking forwart to hear new sounds from you! Thank you for such beautiful music!

  2. Kat Caedus says:

    Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know that you guys are awesome. I know your music is “Old” now, but that doesn’t matter. Its still as amazing as it was years ago. I’m ever hopeful that you’ll do a concert tour soon, I’d defiantly buy tickets. But I also hope that all of you have it well lately. Thanks again for the wonderful music!

  3. Floydman says:

    This is truly perfection in sound. Great job guys! Perhaps it’s better you only made one album, this one is so perfect. nothing can top it!!! Also you remind me a bit of Pink Floyd and that’s another big plus to your music.

  4. Victoria Ascencio says:

    Sensational, passionate, sublime. Words can not describe how your music makes us feel; a mixture of melancholy and an abysmal greatness that never ends.

    You and your music, are EPIC.

  5. Anna Marie says:

    Torture had me completely on my knees. I just had to have it on my phone, and because it’s been a long while since last time I downloaded a song, I were completely taken aback by the new systems. So when I saw the offer for getting the download for registrering I was so happy and releaved.

  6. reza says:

    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  7. Michael says:

    I’m blown away by this music. Nothing I’ve listened to has come close, even specially designed AAA music scores. They just can’t compare to the imagination and thought that went into designing these songs. Les Friction is no doubt my favorite album to date. The only bad part about it is, there’s only one album.

  8. Lucifer says:

    Some of Les Frictions song do mention some things that do go on in lives. I feel.. Different.
    Oddly a lot of the songs I can relate to with my experiences, sort of at peace.

    So emotional, powerful with so much meaning. I am in awe.

  9. Vi says:

    thanks guys for create such amazing songs, you make my heart beat again with music and make my imagination fly away , thanks very much sorry the bad english

  10. Kimi says:

    INCREDIBLY AWESOME!! This music changed my life, Thanx guys :)

  11. N says:

    Les Friction’s music has changed my life. Amazing music and songs. I hope there will be a second album out soon!

  12. Evan says:

    Your music is one of the greatest works of art in the current music industry. I would love to hear more of you guys, if you are still together.

  13. anna says:

    Great music! Will there be a follow up album?

  14. Staci Cole says:

    I can only imagine how long it takes to create music but I cannot wait until the next release. World on Fire inspires so much from art to writing. I have one art piece created because of your work and for that, thank you!

  15. aria says:

    So impatient to continue the story and hear where it leads. Will we have to save ourselves or is Les Friction coming to the rescue? I’m so connected to these songs that when I share your story-music. with everyone I can. it feels like I’m sharing a piece of myself.

  16. Jared says:

    Thank you for making such amazing music that touches me in a way that no other music seems to be able to.
    Keep up the fantastic work!
    Best regards,

  17. Jen says:

    Your work is amazing! I am in love with the sound you have. Powerful and absolutely beautiful. The dynamics the depth of sound… absolutely perfect. You guys are the best and I am obsessed with your music! Thank you for existing and for bring us this great music! ahhh I love it! Seriously, you’ve surpassed all my favorite bands with one album! I love that you’ve released the instrumentals as well! Great to draw to and been great to study with so I don’t get too distracted by the urge to sing with the awesome vocals. :) You guys are great!

  18. Oswyn says:

    I listened World on Fire on a YouTube video and I fall in love with your music. I’m from Spain and I started to listen to your music a few months ago and now I can’t pass a day without your music. I CAN’T. I love your sond, it’s insanely awesome. I love your lasyt song, Who will save you now? and Louder than words, Firewall and Save your life are my favourites, too. I can’t stop to listen them.

    Thanks you for your music, I like a lot the part of the “orchestal rock”. You are great, guys!!

  19. Dexter says:

    I just heard your song World on Fire. It moved me so much that I had to find out more about you. I tried to look for others’ interpretations of the song meaning and have sadly not found any.

    You are very original and not formulaic like other bands I’ve heard. I sincerely hope you are able to maintain that feel through all of your works. Good luck

    Kudos from a fan!

  20. Thomas says:

    I’m big fan of yours since i heard “Louder Than Words” song. Your album is one of best piece of music i ever heard. I hope you will continue in this way so we can looking forward for more of your great music.
    Keep going, you’re awsome :)

  21. Miriam says:

    Left me breathless…..nameless….cosmic moments….amazing…..it was as if I could feel every single vibration going through me TORTURE …..love that song! Finally real music. Thank you for sharing your divine gift with us. Love, Light and Continuous Abundant Blessings. This crowned my weekend. :-)

  22. MES says:

    Your music is untypical….amazing.
    Right,no body doing stuff like you!)))
    Looking forwart to see new stuff

  23. Kytsora says:

    A friend of mine found your music a year ago and gave it to me. I have fallen in love with it ever since. The lyrics and the music are absolutely stunning. Keep it up, please.

  24. Alex says:

    I just found your music today. The first song I listened to was World On Fire. I didn’t need to listen to any more to know I wanted to buy your album. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  25. Naomi says:

    I can’t believe such a great band could exist! I really love your music and I hope or new ones because you guys have the right to keep on with what you love the most… (If I did mistakes, excuse me but I don’t speak english)

  26. Adam Ling says:

    just like to echo exactly what Jonathan stewart said, I found imagine dragons (as did everyone else, due to the current imagine dragons ripple) and thought they were the best band ever, but I stumbled across who will save you now in a video(probably the same as jonathan stewart, till death do us part two, your music is seriously stimulating, and personally I think a new genre is required to accomadate your music alone

  27. El Tall says:

    Cara, realmente sensacional teu estilo e verdadeiras sinfonias! Eu viajo em cada som!!!

    Parabéns! E continue cada vez melhor!!!

    Venha ao Brasil!!! o//

  28. Jerry says:

    I absolutely love your stuff. I stumbled upon your music by watching someone else’s video and I followed the link they posted and…well, it’s been like 4 days and I’ve just been listening to your stuff on loop. I think it’s the best-est :3 Thanks for being the group that you are and keep making awesome stuff.

  29. Vinnie says:

    I had the idea in my head for creating a band which would have been influenced by every music style and combined it into one amazing band. Unfortunately I do not own the musical thoughts in order to create masterpieces such as your songs. I am very greatful for you guys and I hope to see you one time on stage and I know if that happens then the audience will singalong with every song louder than words!

  30. When I first listened to Imagine Dragons, I thought I had found “the best band ever.” But after I stumbled across your music in a youtube video, I realized just how wrong I was. You combine everything I love about music, and put it into gorgeous, breathtaking music. I cant wait till the next album releases, because you better believe Ill be purchasing it the moment it is avalible

  31. George Khutsishvili says:

    I can’t… i just can’t get enough of your music, never heard something like that… you are FANTASTIC.

  32. Pánfilo Mtz says:

    You guys are SO FUCKING AWESOME! <3

  33. Spirit says:


  34. Jesse says:

    I love every song you guys made, keep it up!!

  35. Kurtis says:

    You guys produce amazing music. Please don’t ever stop.

    It would be awesome if there was some way that your fans could interact with Les Friction more. Like if the Twitter account was more active or something like that. I think that quite a few people would appreciate it!

  36. Victoria says:

    Замечательная музыка! Вы одна из немногих групп, у которой мне нравятся все песни!!!
    Russia love you too!

  37. Trish says:

    I was introduced to World on Fire via a Merlin vid, and subsequently bought the album. Why aren’t there more??? I just sent a sample of Firewall to my daughter, and assume she will be as blown away as I was. Wonderful, wonderful, emotive, breath-taking music. Thank you :)

  38. Mascha says:

    Can’t wait for a new album :D I have been listening to Firewall (and your previous album, off course) all year long, over and over again. Hope there will be more Firewall-ish stuff on the next album. Absolutely love the combination of orchestral music with guitars, heavy drums and electronic stuff, without being too ‘metal’ (I absolutely love metal, but this, Les Friction, is something fresh I also really like).

  39. Leon says:

    demostrando que su musica llega a todo el mundo, escribo desde chile… muchas gracias les friction, necesitaba un grupo la cual su musica tiene sentido que tiene una trama, los puede conocer gracias a un remix de musica epica el cual aparecia louder that words, y luego de esa cancion y de investigar el grupo y escuchar toda su discografia actual… me enamore de su musica… puedo estar todo el dia cantado su musica porque siento que me hace libre… gracias les friccion.

  40. Wendi Brant says:

    I found your music through a YouTube video someone made of the new season of Supernatural. I immediately bought it on iTunes (World on Fire) and then found your website. Beautiful music! It is perfect for helping me write my second novel, a realistic fantasy combining the art world and magical elements. Thank you for creating such epic sounding music!

  41. Zack says:

    I found you guys in a epic music mix, after hearing just one of your songs I had to immediately buy the album! :)

  42. Anastasia says:

    It took me many years to come to this point in my life. I’ve been listening to your songs for so long, with the lyrics and the music working together to touch a part of my essence that I had no awareness existed. I finally understand now. I owe you the deepest thanks.

  43. JustASpaceDragon says:

    I can across Les Friction via a YouTube channel and I have to say this is one hell of a band. Firewall and Who Will Save You Now are two pieces that I listen to on a daily basis because they are so well written and sang. Look forward to whatever awesome album you guys have in store

  44. Horakoeri says:

    Thanks to music channels on Youtube I’ve come into contact with your music, I must say it has to be one of the best things that has happened to me. I’m slowly introducing this music to people on the boarding school I’m on and eliminating the crap like 1D or JB.

    The lyrics are so well chosen, they each tell a different tale, each give a different feeling.

  45. Ted Anthony says:

    Check out my cover of What You Need :D


  46. JET says:

    “Come Back To Me” always brings sweet memories of a “most Interesting” to me.
    He lost a battle with cancer last year..
    Thank you for the music and lyrics….they are a comfort.and came into my life when most needed.

    “music expresses that which cannot be said and what is impossible to keep silent”

  47. J.E. says:

    “Come Back To Me” will always bring memories of a very “most Interesting” man back to me.
    He lost a battle with cancer last year. Rest in peace my music friend….
    thank~you for this music and the lyrics that go with it.

  48. Jenna Bowman says:

    I discovered Les Friction on Spotify about a week ago, and it’s almost the only thing I’ve listened to for that whole week. I had been stuck on a writing project for a very long time, but after listening to “Come Back to Me” just once, I suddenly knew what had to change. The work you guys have done is amazing and I can’t wait for more of it. Thank you so much for the music, and for helping me get unstuck!

  49. Jaime says:

    It has not been long since I first found Les Friction, but from the first moment that I heard one of Les Friction’s songs, I was in love with it and the band. Les Friction, though it is but young (I think), has such a mature and advanced sound that it’s beyond belief.
    I love Les Friction so much that it consists of a joke between my friend and me. Whenever either of us say that something is better than it actually is, the other one asks if he’s been listening to Les Friction (because we assume that Les Friction influences one to have a much favorable view on the world).

    Please keep on making awesome music!

    -From South Korea-

  50. anon says:

    I can’t find any shirts or anything for you guys. :/ Am I just missing the linkage or do you guys really not have any shirts?

  51. Chris says:

    This band is just the best…I can listen to their music no matter what…its just so good…

  52. Ciao Ello says:

    AwwwW, YOU are My Fav BAND, I l♥ve everything coming from your SouL, thanks…:^;^

  53. Axel says:

    Love you guys!

  54. Dennis says:

    The best band ever, what a mix of classical and rock to create something EPIC!!

  55. Luke says:

    Les Friction sucks.

    Now that I have your attention, your music is some of the greatest I have ever listened to ever. Keep up the great work! I especially like Save Your Life. Very motivational, it makes me want to go out and do something positive for society. A feeling many other artists don’t really do a very good job conveying. I hope you get even more recognition!

  56. Kemuel Jones says:

    You guys are awesome. Ive been listening since Makara and I love how you guys are doing something NO ONE ELSE is doing!!! Keep it up guys your incredible.

  57. Xavier says:

    This music is fantastic, truly inspirational. I was doing homework before trying to find some good peaceful study music,then I clicked on “louder than words” MIND BLOWN! The most epic track ever. Firewall is my favourite though, so much emotion! Love it, keep going.

  58. Berkay says:

    I realy love lesfriction, you guys my favorite, Im always listen to your music, I just want to say Lesfriction is awesome!

  59. Joost says:

    Hey, I thought you would never be able to top the songs on the first album, which I admire. But I must say you did it! Firewall is nothing short of awesome, and my new favorite! Please, please go on like this

  60. Damn says:

    I honestly do not understand how I can like EVERY song. Every band that I like has its ups and downs with a few excellent songs, many good ones and some ok ones. Les Friction, on the other hand, has made no song that is even close to good as EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. is an excellent masterpiece. My hats off to you gentleman, for keeping up this streak of amazing music.

  61. Staci says:

    You don’t know how happy I am to find the familiar music of you guys since E.S. Posthumus. I love that you’ve added lyrics to your sounds, yet you still leave the instrumentals on the album for your fans that loved you when words weren’t needed. Keep up the awesome work. Forever a fan.

  62. Danny says:

    Just discovered you guys today, and I keep asking myself what I’ve been doing until now. As a writer, I found your music to be incredibly inspiring. “Louder Than Words” gives the listener an ecstatic feeling; the last time I discovered a piece this powerful was four years ago… Your music indeed contains a whole entire journey within itself. I will definitely be looking forward to your releases.


    i have a riddle
    which is stronger than diamond
    more nutritious than food
    and more piercing than any eye?
    ……….the music,the power of ours souls.

  64. Steven says:

    My mind has been thoroughly blown. I will surely be showing these songs to as many people as possible, there isn’t any music like this nowadays that get this bone deep… The thoughts that I get while listening to this music.. I am inspired. Keep making great songs like this! The world needs it! I personally have lost all interests in other music; that is my only complaint.

  65. Brad says:

    I only recently discovered E.S. Posthumus and now Les Friction (particularly the instrumental tracks). Absolutely love it! I was trying to explain to my daughters why I like it so much, and ultimately, it came down to this – the music makes me feel good. It also makes me feel sad, and everything in between. It’s fair to say that it connects with me emotionally in a way that not much other music does. So thank you! I hope Les Friction continues for quite some time!

    • Chris Cosper says:

      No other compositions bring the depth nor height nor breadth of the chill I revive withal from hearing this composure. It fosters a posture of confidence which I cannot place a word to the emotion.

  66. NiHmB says:

    Hi !

    You sound amazing ! So much beauty !
    Keep on rocking !

  67. Tasha says:

    Love the music!! I cant wait for another album :)

  68. Maestro says:

    When can we get your next album?
    Do you guys have any plan? I wish you guys do an instrumental album as well….
    Please do this! electro orchestral style music would be amazing…

  69. oliveandi says:

    Amazing – Unforgettable – Mind-Blowing
    I am coming to you guys to do the film score for my book and movie when it comes out!
    … Everyone will know who you are …

  70. Leafe says:

    One of the bands I listen to most, and I’ve only known them for a few days. Les Friction had such a unique, bold sound that stands out. Can’t wait for you guys to make new music!

    You’re absolutely amazing.

  71. truly captivating. The work of E.S. Posthumus lives! Les Friction is without a doubt the pioneers of this wonderful genre of music! It’s highly motivational. Franz would be proud!!

  72. Fudjack says:

    Great music. Keeps me up. Thanks from Ukraine.

  73. Brenin Dunne says:

    I love, love, LOVE Les Friction! Have you ever thought about writing a metal opera?
    Thank you for inspiring me to keep composing music.
    All the best,

  74. Mercury Whisper says:

    Timeless , your creativity has taken me on a wonderful journey this afternoon.an achievement aren’t you proud?Thank you.

  75. Chillin says:

    Waiting for your guys’ next release. Hoping you get big, definitely more talent than most of the pop songs these days. You guys deserve it.

  76. Joe says:

    Really great, ON my list you come in second place below The Beatles but just above Pink Floyd.

  77. J.C. says:

    A PLUS PLUS PLUS……………………

  78. saverio says:

    great great great!!!!!! really fantastic guys

  79. Stacey says:


  80. Hakeem says:


  81. Cloud Terror says:

    Nice music, I found this on 5 hours mega epic mix. Love it bro. Rated.

  82. Sandra says:

    I always wanted to say how much your music means to me. When I’ve found out about E.S. Posthumus I felt like something I’ve always been searching for is finally in my hands. Really, it may seem funny, but that’s true. Your music is unbelievably wonderful, and sometimes, while listening, I think that maybe somehow you felt me and my feelings. Every note, every second touches my soul like nothing else can.
    Les Friction gave me a new hope, a brand new understanding of music. Thank you so much! Eerything gets brighter when I listen to your compositions.
    There’s nothing more to search for me in music. I’ve already found everything I ever wanted.

  83. kalvianss says:

    Love from first beat. This is so delicious to my soul!

  84. nick villar says:

    you guys are by far the greatest musicians i have ever heard!!!! i have exposed all my friends and family to your masterpieces and made les friction fanatics out of all of them!!!!
    stay awesome guys and thank you for making my days so much better with you music :)

  85. Tim says:

    Hey guys!

    Your music is freaking badass! I honestly don´t know more epic songs than e.g. “Louder Than Words” or “World On Fire”! I also wanted to ask you a question, if you don´t mind:

    Do you use for your songs a real orchestra or do you use a program for the instrumentals and what program would it be?

    Knowing that would be very important, because I want to start compositing epic instrumental-songs, too and can´t pay an orchestra :/

    For an answer, please e-mail me. I thank you very much and keep the work up! :)

    • admin says:

      The guys thank you for the kind words :)

      They wish they could say they didn’t have to pay an orchestra and choir but they do…sometimes samples can do the trick and some moments don’t translate emotionally without real players.

  86. Unit 1_262 says:

    It was a few years ago that I got into instrumental music without lyrics. It started with E.S. Posthumus, and it remained my favorite over so many others, such as two steps from hell and audiomachine, even though it was disbanded before I knew of it. Then, I discover you guys. A sort of phoenix reborn from the ashes of E.S. Posthumus. I really, really look foward to just about any sounds you make in the future.

  87. Felipe says:

    muito boa as musicas não tem um dia que passe sem que eu escute “torture” é a melhor que eu acho
    continuem assim :)

  88. Julian says:

    Absolutely brilliant, incredibly moving. Some of it profoundly sad.

  89. Jon says:

    Hi there!

    I absolutely love the album Les Friction! I purchased it on spontaneously after hearing “World On Fire” while looking up music on youtube one day, and I believe it is one of the best musical purchases I have made in a long time. I absolutely love this group and love how fresh and unique the style is.

    I am also an amateur filmmaker who is currently studying film in college. I was listening to the instrumental version of “Come Back to Me” and it dawned on me that it was the perfect way to end a project that I am beginning to write the screenplay for it; and was wondering if, with your permission of course, that I may use the track for the ending and the credits (which I would of course list you in for the song). I was planning on uploading the video to Youtube when I finished everything, and this film is completely non-profit. It is just a film that some friends and I would be shooting this summer.

    I completely understand if you wish for me to not use the song too. Regardless I wish you a great summer and all the best and cannot wait to see what the future has of Les Friction will be!

    Thank you very much!


  90. Hakeem says:

    You guys should do covers for popular songs. Make a YouTube account then post them on their!

  91. Ali Kaan says:

    Hey could you make your tracks guitar tabs or notes ? especialy louder than words

  92. Fan says:

    THE ONLY album in which I love EVERY song. No bs songs.

  93. Masterdare says:

    I have never brought an album or single of an artist or band in my life, I’ve never really liked anyone enough to want to do so. Your album will be the first I have ever brought. I am looking forward to your next release!! Keep up the excellent work!

  94. Dũng says:


  95. JoniUrtin says:

    Finally i have found music that soothes my ears. Music that not only touches the ears, but the soul of the human-being. I wish i was a very good music producer like these guys.

  96. Supercar says:

    Thank you. Just thank you for doing just a little bit to fix today’s fallen music industry. I actually shed a tear the first time I heard “Louder Than Words.” Love you guys so much.

  97. Marcos says:

    Out of all the music I’ve heard this past year, your album is by far my favorite! Can’t stop listening to it. I love hard rock and orchestral music, and I get a great dose of both from you. Keep up the great work!

  98. M says:

    OMG!!!!! a phoenix has risen from the ashes! thank you so much, Helmut! I haven’t even finished listening to 1 of your music at youtube because I’m so excited but i’m sure i’d love Les Friction as well as I love ES Posthumus!

  99. Evan says:

    My only disappointment about Les Friction is that it’s its own genre, there’s nothing else like it. Oh well, I have no problem listening to nothing but this for the rest of my life anyway :D.

  100. Hakeem says:

    Doing all I absolutely can to make you guys bigger than life. It’s tough! By the way, what happened to the contest??

  101. Tiger says:

    Words simply fail me… I’d like to reiterate Brian May, in saying there is nothing out there like this…The human spirit, in spite of everything thrown against it, remains indomitable. Carry on, and on and on…..

  102. Naomi says:

    I love this music!!
    Thank You

  103. Nancy says:

    I’m just an old rocker who grew up and old with the likes of Dylan and Cohen……..I’m one of a lost breed that understands music is a spiritual experience….much like prayer. I don’t get excited about new stuff anymore but this entire album simply blows me away….and in some instances brings me to tears. Thank you for renewing my senses.

  104. Jon says:

    Thanks for creating such great and engaging music. please keep making it!
    I’m creating a short non-profit trailer about huntingtons disease for a local event. Would I be able to use string theory instrumental provided its non profit, and of course gave credit and a link to your site? It would make my piece so much more meaningful! I’ll be more than happy to send the link afterwards!

  105. James says:

    Just keep doing what you guys do…That’s all thats needed. You stop the music stops…you stop and im pretty sure the REIGN WILL COME in LOUDER THAN WORDS…:)you guys are awesome.Thanks…….

  106. Zbynek says:

    Les Friction is simply awesome. I seriously cannot wait for what you guys have in store for us in the future. You deserve every bit of praise and credit you get. Thanks so very much for your music. Please keep them coming…

    …and we will live like every day is Sunday. :)

  107. Eric says:

    You guys are insanely awesome! I have a bad habit of listening to an album constantly until I’m sick of it. However, I don’t think I can reach that point with Les Friction! My roommate and I at college use your album for our alarm clock as well as study music. I absolutely also love the fact that you guys include the instrumentals as well. Keep rocking!

  108. Shane says:

    Les Friction for life!!

  109. Oozaki says:

    Hello m8 !
    I love all of your music and I am a big fan of it aswell!

    I’m currently working on a Cod4 Fragmovie which I will be spending quite a long time on (2 months) and I was wondering if I could use your song “Louder Than Words (Instrumental – Epic Dramatic Action)” for my video, that would be awesome !! It is for non-profit use and I usually get abit over 1k views, maybe more on this one, I will of course credit you in description and tell them to buy your album ! :)



    If I have permission I will ofc link you the final result ;) ^^

    • Oozaki says:

      sorry, forgot to give the link when it was finished, now it is and here is the link if u wanna see it :) ( made an exclusive credit for you in the description)


      U ARE AWESOME BTW ! :)

    • Oozaki says:

      Hey, again! A pretty famous guy on YT uploaded my video, not the one with your music on it. I had permisson from both the artists in that video but since he uploaded it 3 months later after I released it I could only find permission from one of them and not both. So he deleted the video, because he didn’t want to take any risk ;_; (sad).

      I asked if he could upload any other of my videos in stead, but I need permission from you so that I can show it for him.. I don’t make ANY profit out of it, except I get some attention but HE makes a very small profit out of it since he is YouTube partnered.

      Let’s just SAY I got permission from you, he would then upload it on his channel and thousands would see it AND he would of course make an exclusive credit for you in the description for people to see.

      Would mean loads to me, but it is your choice. Whatever you want to do, I wish you a great summer! :)



  110. Laura says:

    I’m a big fan of your music, keep up the amazing work!
    I was just wondering if I could use one of your instrumental songs in a school project? I have to make a video trailer for a book and your piece, World On Fire Instrumental version is perfect – it’s just what I need. The only thing is, if it’s copyright, I can’t use it, so I was just wondering if it was copyright, and if it was, would it be possible to obtain your permission to use it?
    Thank you

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